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Telecommunications infrastructure services provide setup, maintenance, and consulting for data and voice communications technologies. Telecommunications infrastructure service providers include satellite companies, phone companies, and Internet service providers (ISP). Most telecommunications infrastructure services can help customers determine their telecommunications infrastructure requirements. The cost of telecommunications infrastructure design varies widely and depends upon the scope of the service provided.

  • Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance of passive infra of cell sites.
  • Installation & Commissioning of BTS/MW/DWDM/SDH/IBS/DSLA, etc.
  • End to End IBS planning, designing, installations & maintenance of site.
  • Repeater Installations.
  • RF Planning & Optimisations.
  • EMF Evaluations.
  • Supply & Installation of Rooftop Poles, MS/GI Cable Ladders up to 9m.
  • Installation of GBT Angular/Tubular Towers up to 40m 180kmph.
  • Supply & Installation of Maintenance Free Chemical Earthling Solutions.
  • Engineering services for SMPS,DG & Power Plant Maintenance.
  • Comprehensive planning,drawing & Installation of Electrical Fit-out for BTS Cell sites.
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